Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Human Switchboard - 1981 - Who's Landing in My Hanger (US)

Human Switchboard - 1981 - Who's Landing in My Hanger? (US)
Human Switchboard's sound was extremely reminiscent of the Velvet Underground. Founded in Kent, Ohio in 1976, their fist recording was released in 1977 (an EP produced by David Thomas of Pere Ubu). In 1980 they released Human Switchboard Live which got them signed by Jay Boberg to I.R.S.'s new Faulty Products for whom they released their only full length studio album, Who's Landing In My Hangar? A live release for ROIR called Coffee Break! followed a year later and the band dissolved.
After the band's break-up in 1982, Rob Pfeifer wound up as an A&R guy for Epic Records and recorded a solo LP entitled After Words in 1987. He then went on to head Disney's Hollywood Records. There he handled not only the label's aquisition of the Queen catalog but also took the heat for the label's failure to develop into a dominant force in the music industry as the film divisions (Disney Pictures, Touchstone and Miramax) had become in the film industry. He was unceremoniously "let go" in 1995, despite the fact that most of the reasons cited stemmed from the actions of the previous regime. Myrna Marcarian also recorded a solo LP entitled, simply Myrna. Today she is an administrator at NYU. Ron Metz is a member of The Schramms.
source I.R.S. Records Corner (link)

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Roberto said...

Oh. lo sguardo ciò che è successo al primo cantante Bob Pfeifer. è andato alla prigione di prigione per i crimini cattivi. era il fondatore della banda ed il chitarrista anche. molto triste