Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacno - 1979 - Jacno LP (FRA)

Jacno - 1979 - Jacno LP (FRA)
Jacno, born Denis Quilliard in Paris on 3 July 1957 is a French musician.
Jacno is also the name of a graphic artist who designed the gallic helmet logo of Gauloises brand cigarettes, which the musician smokes infamously. He was a founding member of the first French punk band The Stinky Toys. In the early 1980s, after the group disbanded, he teamed up with former Stinky Toys singer Elli Medeiros to form the pop duo Elli et Jacno. Jacno has also released a number of solo albums since 1979.
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Anonymous said...

Nice selection! Merci beaucoup,
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Ernesto said...

Elli Medeiros es uruguaya!!!!
Muy bueno el blog, siempre encuentro cosas increibles. Saludos. Este es mi fotoblog: www.lavaderochino.blogspot.com