Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xpress - 1980 - Junked Up Judy 7'' (UK)

Xpress - 1980 - Junked Up Judy 7'' (UK)
Formed in 1978 by four bored school friends (The Original Bored Teenagers)

The band started in York and gigged around that area supporting the likes of 'Cyanide' & 'Sema 4'. They played support to some of the bigger bands when they visited their area like 'The Revillos', 'The Vibrators' & 'Generation X'.

They self financed their debut release "Junked Up Judy" which was backed with another stage favourite "Stop, Start (And Go Back Again)". This B-side track can be heard on "Bored Teenagers" volume 1.

Sadly the band called it a day in 1982 and leaving us only one killer single. The drummer and vocalist later joined 'The Combine', a local New Wave type band that also featured an ex-member of 'Sema 4'. The guitarist went onto play with 'The Pyjama Party' who also released one single.

The below notes have been taken from the "Bored Teenagers" volume 3 compilation album

"Whatever Happened to Fashion” – 1979/80

One of the tracks from our first studio demo, this is one of the bands early ‘Angry’ songs. “Fashion” comments cynically on the irony of people all buying into the same fashions and images in a bid to be individual…did punk go the same way? The lyrics are as relevant in today’s re-make/re-model pop stars culture as they were back in the good old days of the late 1970s.

Recorded fast! Live it was even faster! Our early motto “the faster the better”.
source Bored Teenagers (link)