Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moondogs, The - 1979 - She's Nineteen 7'' (UK)

Moondogs, The - 1979 - She's Nineteen 7'' (UK)
Fantastic powerpop signed to Real Records, a Sire subsidiary. The Moondogs were an excellent band who couldn't quite shake a misguided Undertones comparison and were tragic victims of the curse of Todd Rundgren. They split in november 1981. And yet at one point they had their own TV show on Ulster Television! (OK so lots of crappy bands had shows on ITV)


Unknown said...


How are you?

I came across your blog online and I was wondering if you could listen to our music.

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We are currently setting up interviews and reviews with online blogs and print publications and I was hoping you could tell me what the best way of getting music to you is?

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Thank you for your time.

I look forward to your response.

Media Manager

topper said...

Thanx for the Moondags... Felipe

isksp said...

you're very welcome, topper