Friday, April 30, 2010

Nuclear Socketts - 2007 - Overload (UK)

Nuclear Socketts - 2007 - Overload (UK)


topper said...

he Felippe........another request fulfilled

thank you man

Anonymous said...

Hi Felipe,

Thank you for this... I've a special request, so if you can help me (or another blogger 'cause all help is welcome). I'm looking for the album of The "Shady Lady - Raving Mad" released on rave Up Records there's 5 years ago. Unfortunatelly I can't find anymore for buy it, so a simple mp3 copy will be great!!!!
Thank you in advance,

isksp said...

doesn't have this one by now.... but if i do find it, i'll post over here, schoub... sorry for taking so long to answer you