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Speedometors - 1979 - Day In The Lights (UK)

Speedometors - 1979 - Day In The Lights (UK)
The Speedometors or Speed-O-Metors are a London, New Wave and punk band formed in 1976 in Shepherd's Bush by Martin Finlay, Robbie Watson and Lol Gellor (previously of west London band "Rough Diamonds" and joined shortly thereafter by Ian "Toose" Taylor late of the Mike Batt-produced group Houdini.
The Speedometors attracted the attention of Colin Barton's indie label Mascot Records and the release of the single "Disgrace/Work" put the band on the indie charts. Drummer Lol Gellor decided to leave the band to produce records starting with reggae star Desmond Dekker's LP "Black and Dekker". Steve Parry of Chiswick records act "Radio Stars" replaced Gellor.
Meanwhile the "Disgrace" single caught the ear of producer Miki Dallon, who presented the disc to industry reps at the Midem song festival resulting in the band being signed by "ex" RSO records chief Chris Yule for his new Acrobat/Arista label. The signing resulted in the release of the "Day in the lights" LP. During recording of the LP Steve Parry left the band and was replaced by Paul Spencer from Howard Devoto's band "Magazine". As result of the LP sessions the band added Lee Dallon on keyboards and Chris Gent,sax/vocals of the Autographs and ex Houdini for live appearances. The single "Tonight Tonight" received plays on B.B.C. Radio one and a live at the B.B.C. session amongst others. The band continued to tour the U.K. with such acts as Sham 69, Ultravox (then featuring John Foxx as singer and frontman) and other notable "new wavers". Club shows included a residency at the Marquee Club in Wardour St London,coupled with two appearances at the famed "Reading Festival".
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