Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Associates, The - 1982 - The Affectionate Punch (Remix) (UK)

Associates, The - 1982 - The Affectionate Punch (Remix) (UK)
download@rapidshare (08/02/2012)
Original recordings made at Morgan Studios, London, 1980
Re-recordings and remixing made at Basing Street Studios and Odyssey Studios, London 1982
Rear sleeve notes list tracks in incorrect order as follows:
Side One:
1. Logan Time
2. Paper House
3. Deeply Concerned
4. Even Dogs In The Wild
5. Transport To Central
Side Two:
1. Amused As Always
2. The Affectionate Punch
3. A Matter Of Gender
4. Would I,...Bounce Back?
5. A


Anonymous said...

Thank you Felipe!

as for the Skids "Days In Europa", i always prefered this remixed version from "The Affectionate Punch" to the original album!

isksp said...

for me the original album and the remixed albums are two distinctly albuns... they are too much different, each other having its own qualities

feathers oars blades said...

Hi, is there any possibility of re-uploading this one? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning version of their debut. Both are essential listens, I wouldn't want to live without either! Would you be willing to upload this as FLAC (lossless) files? I'd be forever grateful if you did. Many thanks in advance and all the best to you.