Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Minds - 1977 - Demo (9th November 1977) (UK)

Simple Minds - 1977 - Demo (9th November 1977) (UK)
simple minds: 7 tracks tracks
1. 18-18 [Demo]
2. Tonight [Demo]
3. Little Bitch [Demo]
4. Pablo Picasso [Demo]
5. Subway Sex [Demo]
6. Lies [Demo]
7. Wasteland [Demo]

recording date9th November 1977

line-upSimple Minds #1

producerSimple Minds and Brian Young

additional informationThe second Abusers' demo tape was recorded under the name of Simple Minds. Arguably this is the first recording with the Simple Minds name.Two weeks after recording this demo, Chiswick finally released the Saints And Sinners single and the line-up fragmented.
Reforming Simple Minds took another few months, and the new band recorded two other demo tapes before entering the studio to cut their first album. Therefore, almost none of these tracks were used (with the exception of Wasteland).
These demos were eventually released on the The Early Years 1977-78 CD in March 1998
source Simple Minds (link)


geololo said...

I always thought Simple Minds were were a real good new wave band, more specially at their beginning, I mean the 3-4 first album releases!

isksp said...

indeed, but this demos the band's sound was much more agressive comparing to the regular albums... they sound much more like Johnny And The Self Abusers hehe

martin41smith said...

Thanks for these, i really liked the early simple minds sound, been looking for early demos