Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Boys - 1981 - Where's My Towel (US)

Big Boys - 1981 - Where's My Towel (US)
Released in 1981, “Where’s My Towel“ aka Industry Standard was recorded at Rampart Recording Studio and produced by David Bean and the Big Boys. Limited to an initial release of several hundred copies, the album was released with hand silkscreened covers and included some of the bands’ most diverse and popular songs of the time including “TV”, “Complete Control”, “Identity Crisis”, and “Security”. Often hailed as the band’s greatest album, Where’s My Towel is a milestone in the history of Texas punk and an original pressing is now considered a major collectible.
source Waster Talent Records (link)


topper said...

Felipe.....Do you have The A.D.'S "know hard feelings "lp ?

That would make you a real god....


isksp said...

haha doesn't have this one, just the single "living downtowm"

and i got to say, i'm looking for other materials of AD's a long time ago and never finded anything

richard said...

The A.D.'s are is hard to find material about them. The Living Downtown can be found at Killed by Death Records.

The Rev said...

Any chance of a re-up? I just read about this album & really want to hear it...