Monday, May 18, 2009

Depressions, The - 1978 - The Depressions LP (UK)

Depressions, The - 1978 - The Depressions LP (UK)


topper said...

Felipe.....The Nubs cd is selftitled..........So, The Nubs

Anonymous said...

great lp....has anyone got the second lp its the DPs if you know what i mean 1978.

Anxo MG said...

This is a killer one!
I'm also looking for the 2nd LP as the D.P's.
Anyone could share it PLEASE !!!!!!

Moito Obrigado Felipe polo teu fantástico blog.

topper said...

Felipe looking for :

Gun control by "The violators".

I like pills by "The sick things".

thank you

Anonymous said...

worthless trash had the dps lp for download but its gone now.

isksp said...

yeah, i'm looking for the "you know what i mean" LP too hehe

topper, i got the violators album, but never heard about this one from sick things

e Anxo MG, obrigado pelo elogio!