Friday, May 8, 2009

Skids - 1980 - Days In Europa (UK)

Skids - 1980 - Days In Europa (UK)
Days In Europa, OVED 42, released 1980
© 1979 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Side 1: Animation (4:27), Charade (4:0), "Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)" (4:34), The Olympian (3:22), Home of the Saved (4:26)
Side 2: Working for the Yankee Dollar (3:52), Thantos (4:02), Masquerade (2:44), A Day in Europa (2:56), Peaceful Times (5:00)

Produced by Bill Nelson; WFTYD Remixed by Mick Glossop, Masquerade remixed by Bill Nelson & John Leckie, additional production and remix (except WFTYD) by Bruce Fairbairn


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Felipe for this one!!!
in the 80's i had this version of "Days In Europa" and unfortunately, the remastered CD had only the original (i think they should have included this remixed version too). the same thing happened for The Associates "The Affectionate Punch" lp which also was remixed (& reissue on CD but only for the original version!).

Palomino said...

Stuart Adamson......What great talent he had! His voice, his songs, his stage appearance, his nice manner....a great band from my country!!!

Sir Palomino Kakafuten
always at your service!!!!

isksp said...

indeed, it's a shame that this versions (better than the original in my opinion) ain't in the remastered cd

Anonymous said...

i agree!
....maybe, a great opportunity to post the Remixed Version of "The Affectionate Punch"? .-))
thanks for all this gems

isksp said...

sure thing... post it in a while