Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream Dates, The - 1979 - The Mess You're In 7'' (CAD)

Dream Dates, The - 1979 - The Mess You're In 7'' (CAD)
First off, I have to say that some of my favourite bands come from Hamilton, Ontario like the Forgotten Rebels, Teenage Head, and Simply Saucer. Hamilton has a solid history for breeding good bands.
Everyone knows of a kid who had a scab collection or something equally appealing in nature. Right? Well it seems now that those kids are unearthing those timeless collections selling them and printing up some cool vinyl with the rewards. Treasures for pleasures baby. As each year goes by more stones are overturned and another obscure punk crab goes scuttling out only to be caught by the net of the scab kid.
You have to love these bands that are being dug out and immortalized for a wider audience. This is piece of 79-style rock and roll punk. “The Mess You’re In” spreads it’s wings and takes flight like some weird strain of Asian Bird Flu. Countless repetitions only makes you want to hear it one more time.
The flip is the Iggy and the Stooges classic “ Search and Destroy”. The Dream Dates manage to do the song justice. Personally, it’s a song I feel has been covered one too many times in recent years. Shit wasn’t it used in some Nike advertisement? Regardless this is one blistering hot version.
I have to mention that if the cover looks familiar I believe it is an outtake from the “Last Pogo”(a lp documenting essentially Canadian Punk).
Keep this stuff coming. Vinyl Nerds love it.
source SugarBuzz (link)


Anonymous said...

parasse de roubar uma vez os posts de outros blogs

topper said...

one ot the best punk. Good choice Felipe

Are you known of lp from The Speedometors ? Their 7 inch is ok (disgrace)

isksp said...

não vi ninguem postando esse daqui então, isso não foi intencional (até pq tdo q eu posto aqui eu consigo no soulseek)... indentificar-se seria bom (e corrijo meu erro numa boa, é só me mostrar)

and topper, yes, i do have the lp, but don't have the two eps... the lp i'll post it over here, but do you know where i can find any of the eps (the has only one song)?