Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pupils Of Love - 1983 - Rock 'n' Roll (AUD)

Pupils Of Love - 1983 - Rock 'n' Roll (AUD)
"I could do without Hound Dog, Rock`n' Roll is ok and Golden Memories is great.Gruff, grungey punk. This came out in 1985, it says 1981 on the sleeve butthat refers to when the song was written and possibly recorded. Two later singles are abysmal." (Henry Weld)
source CollectorScum (link) and thanks very much to Graham for this rip and the scans!


Graham said...

I actually thought the A-side, "Rock'n'Roll", was the keeper here, I like the somewhat home-made feel of it. Thanks for posting it.

isksp said...

"hound dog" and "rock 'n' roll" are really nice, despite the opinion of Henry Weld...

but i agree with he on the "golden memories", it's the best of the ep...