Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Killjoys - 1991 - Naive LP (UK)

Killjoys - 1991 - Naive LP (UK)


Graham said...

Thanks for the post, I didn't even know they had an LP.

Graham said...

Well ... a very small LP, maybe. I thought there was just a single. Is this from 1977? It sure sounds it.

topper said...

Thank you Felipe....

allcik said...

killjoys are killing punk rock band,love this album,thank you felipe

isksp said...

Graham, couldn't find any decent info about this one, even in the damage goods site they don't say pretty much nothing about this released

the only thing i know for sure is the tracklist hehe

A1 At Night
A2 Recognition
A3 Naive
A4 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven
B1 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (Edit)
B2 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven + Interview + At Night +
B3 Trevors Sob

Anonymous said...

Muito obrigado Felipe pela simpatia!


isksp said...

disponha, hercules, mas ainda tah faltando as demos que prometi... daqui a pouco tb posto elas