Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donkeys - 2004 - Monkey Business (UK)

Donkeys - 2004 - Monkey Business (UK)
Japanese only release and once you hear this CD you'll ask yourself why?
Fans of the late 70`s power pop will love this.
High Energy is the word for this band - think Parallel Lines by Blondie but with even more grit and determination or perhaps the Rubinoos on steroids!
17 songs are included here with 7 totally unreleased!
You will also hear traces of the Jam and other power pop bands of the late 70's - take a listen - we think you'll agree.
source CD Baby (link)


topper said...

thanks Felipe.........nice postings (as ever)

Jeronyme said...

Yes it seems that the Japanese have a great interest in Punk/Mod stuff... they're "exhuming" a lot of rare gems... sadly hard to get elsewhere.
Thanx a lot Felipe for your splendid blog!