Saturday, June 6, 2009

Insults, The - 1979 - Population Zero 7'' (US)

Insults, The - 1979 - Population Zero 7'' (US)


Anonymous said...

Got this on another site, good though. You have posted lots of good bands on here but not one the them begins with the letter 'O'. This is shocking! How about something from the OSCILLATORS or maybe the Malcolm EP by O-LEVEL?

Anonymous said...

Very good post as always.

Tank you! Keep on blogging like this!
Rosenkohl1977 born in 1963

@anonimo: There is an o-level-cd. This one is a bargain, bought it for 6 euros.

isksp said...

indeed, doesn't have much bands wich begins with "O" hehe doesn't have anything from Oscillators, but i'll post in a while the O-Level single...

and always thanks for your comments, Rosenkohl1977

Graham said...

This is great. It's like a punk take on krautrock.