Monday, June 1, 2009

Excel - 1979 - If It Rains 7'' (UK)

Excel - 1979 - If It Rains 7'' (UK)
David Fahy (keybards), Stephen Gawtry (drums), Stephen Smith (bass) and Paul Naylor (vocals, guitar), from Yorkshire, formed the band 'X.L.' in 1976, playing the local club circuit. The band split in September 1978, and a new line-up, now called 'Excel', and with Smith taking over lead vocals, Gawtry still on drums, plus newcomers Allan Walsh (guitar) and Richard Taylor (guitar, keyboards), played its first gig in December 1978. In spring 1979, the band's first record, a four-track EP titled "If It Rains", was released on the band's own A.R.S.S. label (1000 copies), and they recorded a whole 'demo album' (recently released on the 'Low Down Kids' label). In the autumn, 'Excel' were signed by Polydor, and in January 1980 released a second single, "What Went Wrong". Stephen Smith quit soon after and, although the rest of the band (plus new bass player Tony Kelly) carried on, recording four tracks which were released on the U.S.-only compilation "Made In Britain", it was pretty much the end for Excel.
source Bored Teenagers (link)


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