Thursday, February 26, 2009

V.A. - 1979 - Tokyo Rockers [LP] (JP)

V.A. - 1979 - Tokyo Rockers [LP] (JP)
01. Friction - Senaka No Code
02. Frictoin - Cool Fool
03. Mr. Kite - Exit B9
04. Lizard - Robot Love
05. Lizard - Requiem
06. Mirrors - Situation
07. Mirrors - Tokyo Network
08. Mr. Kite - Innocent
09. S-Ken - Black Machine
10. S-Ken - Ah-A Koibito & Oh Yure! Tokyo


Anonymous said...

This is a good time to mention how much I've been enjoying your blog.
The Japanese punk especially -- it's been a real education. Many thanks for the wonderful work.

topper said...

Felipe, i thought there was an lp/cd of the defnics by smogveil records...but there's s'ting with ipod or so. Don't understand

Take a look over there

The Hairy Hands said...

Sensacional essa Situation do Mirrors. Em geral acho o punk japonês muito derivativo, mas essa banda é boa de fato.

isksp said...

é pra mim é o seguinte, desses albuns japoneses tem muita coisa q é simplesmente uma cópia mal feita... mas, por outro lado, quando vc acha alguma coisa decente, eh muito foda