Sunday, February 22, 2009

Luti Chroma - 1980 - Siamo Tutti Dracula 7'' (IT)

Luti Chroma - 1980 - Siamo Tutti Dracula 7'' (IT)


Anonymous said...

Another band I never thought I was going to hear... The little info I have about Luti Chroma is that they came from Bologna (Skiantos, Gaznevada, HitlerSS...) and in 1978 released a tape in the Harpo's Tapes label and a single called Lucy Foster in the Introvabile label. This one here is the 2nd one and there was an untitled LP (both on Introvabile) and that was it? Ciao, thanks!
Fernando :)

isksp said...

i think thats pretty much it... don't have the "lucy foster" ep right here with me, but the Lutti Chroma self-titled LP is one just waiting to be posted

always thanks very much for your comments, fernando