Monday, February 23, 2009

Benitokage - 1977 - The Destroyer [7''] (JP)

Benitokage - 1977 - The Destroyer [7''] (JP)


topper said...

Felipe, does the Skinnies (USA) have an lp ?I know their single "out of order/i'm a dullard

isksp said...

according to collector scum:

- Kill The Beat 7" Lectric Eye EYE1, 1978 PS
(I'm A Dullard / Out Of Order)
- Out Of Order 7" Rave Up RUG-01, 1999/1978-79 PS
(Out Of Order / (I'm A) Dullard // Does She Or Doesn't She / C.I.A. / Hit
And Run)


topper said...

I thought so, thought they make an lp ?

thank you

Do you have The Vilolators "gun control ""

topper said...

i saw the skinnies at rave up records "out of order".

isksp said...

hm, doesn't have this one... sorry

but i'm looking for the both records (skinnies and violators), let you know if i find something


Graham said...

These things from 1977 and 1978 ... they all sound punk but none of them sound alike.

isksp said...

and that's the thing most appealing to me about this kind of music...

so much creativity with soo much limitations around that time