Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Defnics - 2001 - Look At Me Mom I'm Not Dead EP (US)

Defnics - 2001 - Look At Me Mom I'm Not Dead EP (US)
Of all the legendary Cleveland bands, the most intriguing for collectors and punk afficionados may be the Defnics. The Defnics only cut one EP for Mike Hudson's Terminal Records, '51%' b/w 'Hello from Berlin', and if you want a copy you'll pay dearly. They also had a cut on Mike Hudson's Cleveland Confidential comp. They played out as the Defnics for almost two years and broke up in the summer of 1982. Bill (a.k.a. Robert Conn) went on to join the second formation of the Pagans, the Pink Pagans as they were later referred to because of the pink LP covers. Brandon joined Red October with Chris Andrews. Bob started the Plague with Duke Snyder and Johnny. Recently reformed, this EP features 1 new song written by Robert Conn along with a screaming live version of '51%', recorded at the band's reunion show. Limited to 500 copies on green wax. Viva la DEFNICS!
source Smog Veil Records (link)


topper said...

you find it, i knew it.

Thank you again Felipe, if i wasn't broke i paid you a donation and i bought the 51% 7'inch

isksp said...

heheh what does it matter is the intention

(and really doesn't knew about this EP, thanks for the tip)