Saturday, October 3, 2009

Private Dicks - 2002 - Homelife (UK)

Private Dicks - 2002 - Homelife (UK)
Private Dicks were an amazing punk - power pop band from Bristol (UK).
They formed in 1979 and in the same year they released one of the best UK punk pop 7"'s in that season, 'She Said Go' on Heartbeat records. The band was discovered some years ago and bootleged on 'Killed by Death' serie, but also seriously produced by the 'cult' japanese label 1977 on cd. The band recorded also various GREAT quality studio material that you'll find here, in this amazing Lp. You can also hear the energy of the band with the three live tracks enclosed.
Well, if you're a fan of Jam, Undertones, Buzzcocks... this band will change your 'homelife' !
source Rave Up (link)


Anonymous said...

many thanks for this ans other rave up stuff. seems hard to find their stuff these days. anyhow any help would be appreciated on these
future dads 24 winship lp
white flag piangi con me 10"
native tongue blame it on gravity
sic kidz lp
shell shock execution time lp
sidewalks rhythm kids 80-82 lp
all on rave up any posting would be appreciative

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks! for The Private Dicks.

isksp said...

i'll see what i can do about this rave-up releases... i've got some requests first


James Jesus said...

Hell yeah! Sic Kidz are on my wants list. Out of print. The best ever Rave Up release is The Gynecologists, I think... one of the best KBD bands of all. I wish I still had their cassette...

Take care!!