Sunday, September 27, 2009

Speedy - 1980 - Willy Is Back 7'' (GER)

Speedy - 1980 - Willy Is Back 7'' (GER)
Heidelberg-based rockish powerPoppers trying to compete with Berlin's TEENS. 'Willy Is Back' was also title melody for German teeny-film 'Zärtlich, Aber Frech Wie Oskar', but nevertheless record flopped (even despite strong DAVE CLARK FIVE cover on B-side) big time and SPEEDY signed to German powerPop/Wave label Rocktopus (also home for RUNS, NIGHTHAWKS, OPPOSITION, URBAN HEROES or Berlin's Z) in response


Anonymous said...

Teens 7" can be found here --

iskSP rules!!!

Anonymous said...

nice to see heidelberg represented here. nice Hansa teeny punk.

Please post the Blessed "Deep Frenzy" one day soon. That's a teeny punk classic!!!! I have not heard it in years.

IKSP rocks!

isksp said...

alright... thanks for the link of the teens 7"

and sure, i'll post the deep frenzy 7" in a while

thanks for the comments!