Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favourites, The - 1979 - S.O.S. (UK)

Favourites, The - 1979 - S.O.S. (UK)
Someone has a better cover scan? Please share!


Ladys Ramone said...

Hi my friend, A bunch of good records on this site.
Coul you help me?
I need the following records to cover some songs for my next album

Jeff Hill Band - Something's wrong with LP & 7''
The Toys - Still Dancing LP
School Ties - No Future/Screw You 7'' uK 1980
Reporters - Scoop /NBZ uk 7'' 1980
Infra Red Helicopters - Bracknell/South Hill Park/Politics 7'' uk 1979
Extras - She's So happy 7'' 1982 uk
I Jog & the Tracksuits - Red box 7'' uk
Industrial Chipmunks - A Call To Arms/ Foods For Fix/ Join The Professionals/ Dance Don't Ruck/ Charlie's Angels 1980 uk
Observers - this age/suicide 1980 uk
Ouida & The Numbers-Runaway 7'' 1980
Passions - Needles & Pills 7'' 1979
Penny & The Rims - 7'' 1980 uk
Relatives - As A Child 7'' 1980 uk
Telescope - "Bye Byes (Ain't Nice)/ A Personal Message 1978 uk
The Shade - Watching you/touch sensitive 7'' 1982 Uk
The Squad - Out For Revenge LP 1978 uk
Warren Harry - I'm a radio 7'' 1977 uk
Norman & The Hooligans - I'm a punk 7'' uk

Do you have some of this? or can you get them? Please let me know as soon as possible.
thank you so much mate.
& keep up this good work

Low Down Kids said...

That is one cheeky motherfucker of a comment, gotta say!

dz said...

no kiddin'!

topper said...

Thank you Felipe..pretty unknown for me

isksp said...

heheh at least is funny

the sad thing is that i only have one single of the entire list, but that's ok

thanks to all for the comments!

Nestor Makhno said...

Here is the link for better Cover!

And thanks for all these incredible, fantastic posts.

A damn good work. My respect!!!

isksp said...

thanks very much for the help... although this is the scan from the single, not the lp...

but don't worry, the intention is what matters