Monday, June 15, 2009

Detention - 2000 - Expelled (US)

Detention - 2000 - Expelled (US)
New Jersey, USA based punk band that existed in the early to mid-1980s. Detention achieved notoriety with their minor underground radio hit, "Dead Rock 'N Rollers", released in 1983 and now heavily bootlegged.
CD's 36 tracks/74 minutes Finally this early to mid 80s heavily bootlegged New Jersey punk band sees legitimate reissue and it includes their infamous single version of "Dead Rock n Rollers" and first self titled debut LP's, but it also includes their 2nd unreleased LP'sunheard until now. Includes a 16 page booklet loaded with lyrics,photos,and very detailed band history.
source Bomp! (link)


topper said...

great band....thanx

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..strange you get no reaction on this one

isksp said...

yeah, really like this one!

Dave said...

I remember hearing "Dead Rock n Rollers" on WFMU on Pat Duncan's show as a teenager. Thanks for posting this, I can finally hear the complete discography of this band.

Dave Y.

Anonymous said...

I did the layout and cover for this one. I'm proud of the sign graphic; had a lot of fun with it.

It is a Grand Theft Audio release. I guess Brian (GTA) and the band aren't getting paid much, since this is being downloaded.
ShitEd, ex-Flipside

The Noid said...

Any chance of getting a new download link? They are all dead. I would love to get hold of this one. Saw them back in the 80's at City Gardens in NJ and picked up the album then. Thanks!