Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Classic Ruins - 1980 - 1+1<2 7'' (US)

Classic Ruins - 1980 - 1+1<2>


topper said...

Hey Felipe.....great one, i hope you find "room starts spinning"one day..

sioux around

isksp said...

still didn' find heheh but the search continuous

Anonymous said...

Thanx again! Where did you get that gem?
Do you kniw where to get the live version of the third song?

A hug from Canada

Johnny Repugnant

isksp said...

this one i found at soulseek...

but didn't find any live version of "nyquil stinger"... do you know where it has been released?

Anonymous said...

I had it on a tape at the beginning of the 80's... I think it comes from a compilation of Boston area's bands of that time.

Thanx anyway for that studio version: it will enable my band to cover it, and that was one of my wishes!

Johnny Repugnant