Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sublime de Luxe - 1979 - Chose Molle 7'' (FRA)

Sublime de Luxe - 1979 - Chose Molle 7'' (FRA)
Thanks to 45 Tours de Rock Français for the covers!


Philippe (from France) said...

I heard this 45 (A side) on the radio back in 78, then I saw it in a shop and on reading the title of the B side (which means roughly "give me your body just for fun") I asked myself "What will my mom say ?" so I didn't buy it !
I learned much later that it's in fact a kind of a joke made by noted french composers Jean Schultheis and Claude Puterflam.
Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

Hi There
Thank you for all the good stuff you have

Maybe you have these and could post them

RF7 - Acts of defiance 7
Fraebbblarnir - False death 7
Blitz boys - Eddy's new shoes 7

All the best

Charles said...

Excellent glam-punk, cranked up to 11! Crazy sleeve too.

isksp said...

hahah funny story, philippe, and a shame that you missed the oportunity to hear this one directly from the 7 inch itself

fredrik, don't have any of this singles, sorry. But i do have the "rf7 - all you can eat vol. ii", that i'll post in a while. About the Fraebbblarnir and Blitz Boys singles, if i found then later, i'll let you know!

and good to know that you enjoyed this one, charles, it was a little bit hard to find the a-side from this one.


jd45 said...

Estou como o Philippe de França. Tambem ouvi esta musica na radio en 1978. Hà anos que ando procurando esta canção (cover de Wild Thing).
Muito agradecido