Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drones, The - 1977 - Further Temptations (UK)

Drones, The - 1977 - Further Temptations (UK)


topper said... you have also "dirty bastards" by the Drones ?

Philippe (from france) said...

The fourth best british lp from '77 with Pistols, Buzzcocks and Damned (much better than Clash).
Never heard of "Dirty bastards" though.

Philippe (from France) said...

Great sleeve too !

isksp said...

doesn't have this one, topper

and, in fact, i don't know anything about this records... i only know how the cover is (with the band pissing in a statue hehe)

do you have any link about this records?

topper said...

Yes with the band pissing

It's a finnish pressing

Graham said...

Good crunchy guitar tone. Fourth best British LP, Philippe? I'd take some persuading before I could honestly rate this above the first Siouxsie/Banshees album. I know SATB can seem like dilettante trainee-hairdressers caught up in the punk explosion, but The Scream is a great punk album in my book. I also think the cover of this, although striking, looks like it belongs to a record by another sort of band.