Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ken Lockie - 1981 - The Impossible (UK)

Ken Lockie - 1981 - The Impossible (UK)
The Impossible is the only solo album of english singer Ken Lockie, after dissolving his band, Cowboys International, in 1980. It was released by Virgin Records, in 1981, and was recorded with the help of two of the former Lockie bandmates in Cowboys Imternational, guitarist Stevie Shears and drummer Paul Simon, and other known musicians, like John McGeoch of Siouxsie And The Banshees (guitar), John Doyle (drums), Preston Heyman of Tom Robinson Band (drums), Joe Dworniak of Shake Shake! and I-Level (bass), Jim Kerr of Simple Minds (backing vocals) and Nash The Slash.
However, the album was less successful than the Cowboys International album.
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Anonymous said...

the mekons-Devils Rats and Piggies a Special Message from Godzilla 1980 pleaaaaaseeeee
penetration,live 1978 pleaseeeee
& the stranglers,apollo revisited
and thanks very much from barçelona

Bill said...

positively love Cowboys International so what a good pick. Thank you

isksp said...

hm, just don't have the penetration, live 78/79. the other two, i'll post in a while.

and, bill, thanks for the comments , specially in the Richard Lloyd's post!