Wednesday, April 8, 2009

V.A. - 1982 - Sudden Death LP (US)

V.A. - 1982 - Sudden Death LP (US)
AWESOME 1982 classic hardcore compilation of LA/Southwest bands, from Phoenix proto-skate punks JFA to glam wierdos Red Kross.Also includes obscure band Sin-34 which was one of the few woman-fronted hardcore bands ever.
1. JFA "Low Rider"
2. JFA "Guess What"
3. JFA "American Buttfucker"
4. SIN 34 "Only Love"
5. SIN 34 "Nuclear War"6. SIN 34 "Who Needs Them"
7. MORAL DECAY "America"
9. CRANKSHAFT "Life is Getting Faster"
10. CRANKSHAFT "Massacre Killer"
11. SADIST FACTION "Twisted Cross"
12. SADIST FACTION "Peace Corpse"
13. THE SINS "Rat Society"
14. THE SINS "All Your Tomorrows"
15. THE SINS "Sins Prayer"
16. THE DEMENTED "Back to the Bed"
17. THE DEMENTED "Deadly Game"
18. THE DEMENTED "How Can I Kill You"
19. REDD KROSS "Tatum O'Tot and the Fried Vegetables"
20. REDD KROSS "St. Lita Ford Blues"
21. YOUTH GONE MAD "Ode to Darby"
22. YOUTH GONE MAD "Diaperhead"
23. YOUTH GONE MAD "Homo Mommy"
24. NAUGHTY WOMEN "Linda is a Monster"
25. NAUGHTY WOMEN "Jealousy"
26. DEAD YOUTH "Phantom Citizen"
27. DEAD YOUTH "Kern County"
28. DEAD YOUTH "Radiation Fall Out"


topper said...

tnx for this compilation Felipe

Anonymous said...

Hey Felipe!
what'd you think of this one? And do you have the Sin 34 stuff, if you don't I could share that...thank you again...BTW the Naughty Women are crazy too! Did you know Rikk Agnew roadied for them then later played guitar for them? If you listen closely to the track off of the highroad comp you will hear what i am talking about :)>RG

isksp said...

just one question, RG, where did you found this info about naughty women?