Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Douce Violence - 1978 - Flash / Que la Vie est Belle [7''] [256k] (BE)

Douce Violence - 1978 - Flash / Que la Vie est Belle [7''] [256k] (BE)


dz said...

Do happen to have this?, the French Rock Mania Compilation, or things by those other bands?

topper said...

Felipe another superb cd called "your punk heritage 77-84"by the Normals

do you have it and will you post it ?

sorry for all those requests but its the only way to get the stuff heard

topper said...

o yeah, forgot to mention City x from Danmark "Elektriske Svin cd"

Great band

If u got it post it plz

Anonymous said...

felipe que massa este que vc postou e a capa entao fabulosa
queria te perguntar uma coisa
como vc faz pra deixar a lista do lado de cada banda como se fisesse grupos
me responde mewwwww
pode apagar o coment depois jajajajaja

isksp said...

dz, doesn't have this one, but i've the bijou and the french cancan lps... post them in a while

topper, i got both... just gime some time that i'll post them in a while also

e, amanda, vai no layout do blogspot e adiciona o gadget "arquivo do blog", dai ele vai fazer essa lista toda de acordo com os marcadores de cada post seu...

Anonymous said...

This is so awsome. Look at those guys! It could only have happened in Europe. "Flash" is an instant classic.

dz said...

Thanks man, your awesome. Keep up the good work.