Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jags, The - 1979 - Back Of My Hand 12'' (UK)

Jags, The - 1979 - Back Of My Hand 12'' (UK)
The Jags were a British rock band formed in London in 1978, and composed of Nick Watkinson (vocals), John Alder (guitar/backing vocals), Steve Prudence (bass) and Alex Baird (drums).
They signed to Island Records in July 1978 and initially released a promising four-track EP.
On 8 September 1979, the powerpop single "Back of My Hand", written by Nick Watkinson & left-handed guitarist John Alder, entered the UK Singles Chart. It had a chart life of 10 weeks and peaked at Number 17. "Back of My Hand" was included on their debut album Evening Standards, which was released the following year. Their follow-up single "Woman's World" entered the UK Chart on 2 February 1980 at Number 75 - dropping out the next week.
1981 saw the release of their second, and what proved to be, final album, No Tie Like a Present. The Jags disbanded in 1982.
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Longy said...

Nice one Felipe. Thanks mate.

isksp said...

you're very welcome, longy


The Hairy Hands said...

ótimo single. Back of my Hand é sensacional. As outras também são excelentes, na linha Costelliana.

isksp said...

eh... jags é uma das minhas preferidas, de fato