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Zones - 1978 - Stuck with You 7'' (UK)

Zones - 1978 - Stuck with You 7'' (UK)
Zones was a punk and power pop band founded in 1977[1] after the end of PVC2 (formerly the bubbleglam and soft rock band Slik) and the Midge Ure's membership demise. PVC2 was conformed by Ure (future Ultravox frontman) on guitar, Russell Webb on bass, Billy McIsaac on keyboards and Kenny Hyslop on drums. Late 1977, Ure moved to Glen Matlock's The Rich Kids, leaving PVC2 which immediately ended. Then, Webb, Hyslop and McIsaac called Alex Harvey's cousin Willie Gardner for replace Ure on guitar and vocals. The band was called The Zones.
In February 1978, Zones released a 7" single called Stuck With You (which B-Side was a song named "No Angels"). By the year, Zones toured with Magazine. The single was punk/power pop. The song attracted the attention of John Peel, who shortly afterwards recorded sessions with them, and Arista Records, who signed them and released the rest of their discography, beginning with the next single, Sign Of The Times, in 1978.
In 1979, Zones released Under Influence, an album with power pop, reggae and like-post punk songs. But, after a bunch of Peel Sessions [2]that year, the band split up. Gardner moved to Endgames, with Simple Minds' original drummer Brian McGee, McIsaac moved to a piano college in Glasgow, and Webb and Hyslop to The Skids. Webb teamed bands and projects with Skids' singer Richard Jobson (Skids singer) until 1988 and Hyslop, after collaborating with Skids album Joy, moved to Simple Minds (1981-1982) and Set The Tone (1982-1983).
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