Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost Kids - 1980 - Bla Bla LP (DKK)

Lost Kids - 1980 - Bla Bla LP (DKK)


topper said...

good choice Felipe


Anonymous said...

hi please,have you this band?or some song?


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I hope you'll soon put here Lost Kids 2nd LP.
Besides this maybe you can enclose good scanned sleeves & inserts (min. 300 dpi or about 1MB in *.jpg format)??? I like CDR with original cover :-)
Thank you for all albums (singles too).
Take care.

isksp said...

Doesn't have anything on Surprises, but i'll look for it... sorry

and about the second Lost Kids LP gonna post in a while... only the covers, ain't that easy to find good quality covers in this kind of music (if you know somewhere, please tell me)

and topper, always thanks for your comments

stinky82 said...

nice LP, not as good as their previous singles from ´78-´79, but I like it too.

Anonymous said...

I'm searching music from danish punk banda A.D.S, I found a video on youtube, "Waiting for the war + I wish I wasn't me" and i love it, please some help.