Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Filth - 1978 - Don't Hide Your Hate 7'' (NL)

Filth - 1978 - Don't Hide Your Hate 7'' (NL)
The Filth were part of the first punk wave that hit Holland as did bands such as Ivy Green, Panic, Tits, Inside Nipples and the Flying Spiders


topper said...

This is one of my favourate single's of those days Felipe

Thank you

Cocuyo said...

ive downloaded a couple of mp3-singles and sutff
this one is great
well.... just greetings from mexico city
mmmm maybe you should put some cool stuff from here, idunno
greetings.... and thnx

isksp said...

sure, Cocuyo, any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Anyone got Rotz-Kotz "Disco Sound Is Dead"? I need that in my life soooo bad!!!