Wednesday, October 20, 2010

V.A. - 1981 - Public Service (US)

V.A. - 1981 - Public Service (US)
track list:
A1: Red Cross - Cease To Exist
A2: Red Cross - Everyday There's Someone New
A3: Red Cross - Kill Someone You Hate
A4: RF7 - World Of Hate
A5: RF7 - Scientific Race
A6: RF7 - Long Live Their Queen
A7: RF7 - Perfect World
A8: Circle One - G.I. Combat
A9: Circle One - High School Society
B1: Bad Religion - Bad Religion
B2: Bad Religion - Slave
B3: Bad Religion - Drastic Actions
B4: Disability - Battling Against The Police
B5: Disability - White As A Ghost
B6: Disability - Rejection
B7: Circle One - F.O.
B8: Circle One - Destroy Exxon


Harold said...

awesome! thank you!!!!

Nazz Nomad said...

hey, now THIS is rawk n rowl!