Monday, October 18, 2010

Shonen Knife - 1983 - Burning Farm (JPY)

Shonen Knife - 1983 - Burning Farm (JPY)
Burning Farm is the first album by Shonen Knife. It is almost entirely in Japanese, with only "Twist Barbie" on the original release in English. The Japanese 8" vinyl (Zero Records 0-0783) had 8 songs. CD reissue bonus tracks "Parrot Polynesia," "Watchin' Girl" and "Banana Fish" first appeared on the Zero Records compilation LP Aura Music in November 1983.
The other CD bonus songs are either "Watchin' Girl" and "Twist Barbie" live (Oglio Records, USA), or "Ukkari Hachibei" and a cover of The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" (MCA Victor, Japan).
The album's cover was painted by bassist Michie Nakatani.
There are at least two pressings of the 8 inch record, both have different labels and back covers. One back is black with a live photo, the other is yellow with a posed group photo. Both pressings misspell the third track as "Twist Birbie."
K Records released, in small quantities, Burning Farm on audiocassette in the USA with a different cover and track listing, described below.
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Alison said...

damn this album is good!

Kurt said...

It is great even. I got the K tape in the mail for review in my zine, back in the day.