Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wilma - 1981 - Pornography Lies 7'' (US)

Wilma - 1981 - Pornography Lies 7'' (US)


onechord said...


can't believe you posted the wilma 7". been wanting to listen to it since a long time ago! many thanks.

by the way, any chance to listen to their lp?

and any chance to listen to impulse f as well? hope so!

all the best!

ps: and keep doing such a terrific blog!

isksp said...

two difficult requests...

the wilma lp i'm still looking for myself, and i didn't find yet...

about the impulse F, besides the sentence "KD Davis, bass player for Wilma and Impulse F", i don't know nothing about it... do you know any links or could you write down their discography?

thanks in advance, and sorry for not have been able to help you out in this ones

onechord said...

hi again,

yes, i know :)

let's see if you are lucky and get the wilma lp soon!

and sorry, as for impulse f, i know the same as you… not much. so i really can't help you.

anyway, wishing you all the best!


KD (Karen) Davis said...

Dear Felipe,

Wow you are quite a collector and guess what: it took more than a year but you found me - I just never check up with what's happening online with my old punk bands Wilma or Impulse f!, two vintage avant-punk all girl bands from the San Francisco scene.

So yes, I'm KD Davis, bass player for Wilma and Impulse f!, and maybe I can help you with your search for our music. It's easier with Wilma since we have the 7" single and the album, but we only have cassettes of Impulse f! that might be available. Spread the word to any other fans - we want to help you if we can, since we are delighted to know our music is still somewhere out there, getting to listeners!

Let me know what's up with you and you can contact me at my university (where I teach film these days):

Happy holidays!
KD (Karen) Davis