Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tragics - 1981 - Mommi, I'm A Misfit 7'' (US)

Tragics - 1981 - Mommi, I'm A Misfit 7'' (US)
"I find the female vocalist's style pretty annoying, but "Laughing Lover" is ok. Band was forced to change their name rather quickly for obvious reasons, which explains all the copies with Tragics stickers. Stock vinyl copies were later packaged in alternate sleeves. Reissue is either black vinyl in limited silkscreen sleeve or clear vinyl in standard sleeve" JF
source CollectorScum (link)


Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting The Henchmen "lust for glory" ?

isksp said...

sorry, i don't have this one

César Alcapone said...

This week I've just to start a new blog to share my ripped vynils. I think you could enjoy some of them.