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Sector 27 - 1980 - Sector 27 (UK)

Sector 27 - 1980 - Sector 27 (UK)
After splitting up Tom Robinson Band in the end of 1979 Tom formed a new band Sector 27 with Joe Burt. The line was: Tom Robinson (vocals, guitar), Joe Burt (bass), Stevie B. (guitar), Derek Quinton (drums). The first gig was as soon 11 January 1980 in Liverpool.
When Tom Robinson signed to EMI it was a five records deal. Under that deal Sector 27 recorded it's first LP to EMI, but EMI didn't like the material. In June 1980 EMI said that Tom is now free from the contract, give him the master and said he can do whatever he want with it. It didn't take long to find a new label. Small label Panic Record releases a single (Not Ready) from that EMI material.
Maybe expectations after TRB where too high, music a little bit different and no hits with four single, so Tom quit the band in October 1981 and started a solo career.
source Hiljaiset Levyt (link)


Anonymous said...

Wow, i've been looking for this one forever; haven't had a listen since I bought it on vinyl in early 80s

a tip top post punk pop LP; one of the best of the year, according to village voice

hardest and hookiest tom robinson tunes ever

El Isabelino said...

Got here too late. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks & saludos.