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Prljavo Kazaliste - 1978 - Televizori 7'' (HRK)

Prljavo Kazaliste - 1978 - Televizori 7'' (HRK)
Prljavo kazalište (meaning in Croatian language: Dirty Theatre) is a rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Since its formation in 1977, the group changed several music styles and line ups but remained one of the top acts of both the Croatian and the former Yugoslav rock scenes.

Prljavo kazalište was formed in 1977 in Dubrava, part of Zagreb, the capital of the then SR Croatia, a constituent country of the former SFR Yugoslavia. Founding members included: Jasenko Houra (rhythm guitar), Zoran Cvetkovic a.k.a. Zok (lead guitar), Nino Hrastek (bass guitar) and Tihomir Fileš (drums). Its first vocalist became Davorin Bogovic, although they were thinking about taking Davor Gobac (later of Psihomodo pop) instead. All of them, except Houra, previously played in another band called Ciferšlus (Zipper), but after he joined them to form a new group, they opted for the name Prljavo kazalište after an episode of the satirical Italian comic book Alan Ford, which was very popular in the former Yugoslavia.
In its early beginnings, Prljavo kazalište's was a Punk band, although they initially wanted to sound like The Rolling Stones for whom they maintained a great admiration. The group performed live for a first time in 1978 at a gig organized by the magazine Polet where they were noted for their furious punk image and stage performance. In the same year, Prljavo kazalište released its first single, the punk rock sounding Televizori for the major record label Jugoton. It featured three songs: Televizori, Majka and Moje djetinjstvo. In 1979, Suzy Records released their second single Moj je otac bio u ratu. That song was included in the compilation album Novi Punk Val compiled by Igor Vidmar, along with Pankrti, Paraf and other prominent artists of the former Yugoslav Punk scene.
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Tone and Wave said...

This is great. I never knew of this record, only of 2 of their other singles "Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu / Noc" 7" from 1979 and "Crno Bijeli Svijet / Moderna Djevojka" from 1980 when they developed more of a 2Tone sound.
The cover for "Moj Je Otac..." has an image of the Rolling Stones mouth/tongue logo.

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Proudfoot Sound said...

This is the first Jugo Punk single ever