Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Genral Foodz, The - 2000 - Sick Of The World (US)

Genral Foodz, The - 2000 - Sick Of The World (US)


topper said...

ahh Felipe thank you.....searched the world for this...don't know if there were more asks but it's ok.

schoub said...

Hi Felipe,

thank you for these 2 new Rave Up albums. This collection is really genial. I'm looking for 4 albums, so perhaps you or simply a reader of this blog can help me (????). I'm looking for:
-VA - KILLED BY DEATH vol.16 (with the first punk bands of Mike Lucas of the phantom surfers)
-THE FOREIGN OBJECTS - Violent World (Rave Up vol.31)
-COMMANDOS - Fight To Win (Rave Up vol.32)
all help is welcome.....
thank you in advance, and thanx felipe again for yours posts and your excellent blog.


topper said...

maybe one more request..


Swiss punk from Lausanne


James Jesus said...

Hey Felipe,

Thankyou for this! I've said it before & I'll say it again - you have the most comprehensive punk collection I've ever heard of.

Not to bombard you with requests, but if you have the HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE "Virgin Killers" L.P., it would be awesome if you could post it one day...

Take care, James

isksp said...

hahah a lot of requests.... to resume, i do not have the killed by death comps or the HLM album, the rest i'll post in a while...

thanks for the comments

James Jesus said...

Excellent! You're the best, Felipe!!