Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Contact - 1979 - Future-Past 7'' (UK)

Contact - 1979 - Future-Past 7'' (UK)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Felipe - I would never have expected much by the sleeve but I like it! Oh, you posted a CD by the 222s a while ago which is great, but do you have either of their 7"s? Another Canadian 7" that I can't find anywhere and would love to hear is the SPYS 'Machine Shop' 7". I've heard their CD with a live version but not the original 7" or the B-side.

Hijo De Judas said...

Tienes un impresionante blog. Te felicito por el gran trabajo y por las buenas bandas que subes.

Me gustaría que cambiemos enlaces (trade links). Espero entiendas lo que escribo. Mi ingles es pésimo.

Un fuerte abrazo desde Chile!

isksp said...

sorry, anonymous, but i only have that comp... i've been looking for a while for the original singles from 222s, but never found it... but, if i find it, i'll post over here, that's for sure

and, Hijo, yeah, we can exchage links... just send me an e-mail telling me what you are looking for and i reply with my own requests the e-mail is isksp(a)yahoo.com.br

and, don't worry, i can't speak spanish but i do understand it

Mark said...

wow, been wanting to hear this forever. so good!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, could you upload this cd again? please!!