Sunday, August 23, 2009

Almen T.N.T. - 1979 - Ya Nadie Cree en la Revolución 7'' (SPN)

Almen T.N.T. - 1979 - Ya Nadie Cree en la Revolución 7'' (SPN)
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Anonymous said...

Uhm, I forgot these TNT (possibly because of the "Almen" part in their name) when mentioning 2 Spanish TNTs in other posts. (The famous punk TNT was the Granada band that became known after their 1981 demo "Una naranja mecánica" and then released 2 singles and an LP with DRO.) This artifact is said to be the first punk DIY record released in Spain and I have no objections to that. There's some mentions of the record in the Shit-Fi article. The music is not my cup of tea, very much the same abuse of soloing and prog-rock changes that can be found in Basura, Mortimer or Ramoncín & WC. The lyrics and the graphics are interesting though.
Fernando :)

isksp said...

nice to know... to be pretty honest with you, fernando, i only know this TNT's that i already posted over here... but didn't know any of the ones you mention, and it's a little hard to find something from then to download hehe

by the way, thanks for the warning in the teenage jesus and the jerks warning post... i'm fixing that one in a while

Anonymous said...

Yeah, with such a name, it's not easy to search, heheh. If you're interested in the TNT from Granada -a great band even with their singer problems–, you may start with their 1982 single. Not a UK82 band at all, more 77 style with postpunk elements. There was a reissue of the 1st single not long ago but it was remixed and very different. The original can be found here:

A member of the band left interesting comments there and a version of the lyrics. Their 1983 LP (there ain't been no reissue as far as I know) can be found here:

About the other Spanish TNT (Los TNT), it was a pop band from the 60s. They went to the Eurovision festival in 1964 with "La caracola"...

About TJ&J, I forgot to mention that "Less of me" and "My eyes" have the titles mixed, exactly like the CD "Everything" has them mixed too, so I'm guessing that the CD comp was the real source for whoever made that file and not the original "Pre" 12"...

Saludos and I hope you enjoy the TNT. The singer's not convincing but the music is (imho).

Fernando :)