Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vermines, The - 1980 - Sometimes 7'' (FRA)

Vermines, The - 1980 - Sometimes 7'' (FRA)
VERMINES: Sometimes / Another Piece / Rock In Belfond 7` (Rive gauche Records) 1980. From Rouen. Bassist and singer Ted Caddy now plays in a band called "Chainsaw" with the drummer of the Vermines and D. LABOUBEE who is / was the guitarist / singer of the DOGS. Vermines recently released a Best of CD with lots of unreleased songs and songs from side project bands.
source Punk Rock Picture Sleeves (link)


Philippe (from France) said...

Poor Dominique Laboubée died in 2002 so you should write "In the 90's Caddy played in a band called Chainsaw...".
Thanks anyway for this very interesting single. Talking about french singles, if you happen to find "Chose Molle" by "Sublime Deluxe" I'd be delighted.
Your blog is the best of its kind, I mean it !

isksp said...

sure, philipe, i got the chose molle 7''... ain't an original rip, but at least you can hear and know the songs

post it in a while

and thanks for the compliment!