Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spelling Mistakes, The - 2003 - Epileptic Apocalypse (1979-1999) (NZ)

Spelling Mistakes, The - 2003 - Epileptic Apocalypse (1979-1999) (NZ)
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Despite being a popular live act with a Top 20 hit the Spelling Mistakes only managed to release one and a half singles in the late 70's.This 50 track double CD archives all The Spelling Mistakes material from their original 1979/1980 period, through to their critically acclaimed 1998/1999 reunion. Disc one covers 1979/1980 including all their original single sides and unreleased demos, plus remixes of the singles, a live-to-air and live recordings from the XS Cafe. Disc two covers 1998/1999 including a 12 track "lost" album of studio recordings as well as live recordings from two of their first reunion shows. Includes a 16 page colour booklet with detailed liner notes, rare photos and loads of original artwork and posters from band members' archives.
source New Zealand Cds (link)


topper said...

Felipe waht a great posting.....never know this one existed

so thank YOU !

topper said...

Another graet band "Black market baby " Baby on board lp"..

Got it ?


isksp said...

yeah, the band is already great, but this bow is awesome!

and by the black market baby, i don't have but i'll look for it, topper


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