Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dogs - 1977 - Charlie Was a Good Boy 7'' (FRA)

Dogs - 1977 - Charlie Was a Good Boy 7'' (FRA)


topper said...

Felipe......take youre time.

Have you heard of Johnny cuba and the edge ??

thanx mate

isksp said...

never hear of it... but i found this page over here ( and i'm trying to find anything more about them.... i'll let you know if i find something


Anonymous said...

hello felipe. happy to get to know your awesome page.

i use to run a blog about italian out pop from late seventies up to early eighties - you can check it out at - and i'm going to add your link to my blogroll. i think it's a precious resource for everybody who's interested in italian punk/pop mutations from that era - beside all other fine items you've got here.

obviously i'd be delighted if you would do the same.



isksp said...

sure thing, i'm going to add your blog to my favorites... i knew your blog already and always like it


dz said...

Thanks so much. The Dogs make any long drive seem short for me.

isksp said...

the dogs are awesome... i'm going to post more of them soon


Garageland said...

any chance for a reup?????