Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diodes, The - 1980 - Action/Reaction (CAD)

Diodes, The - 1980 - Action/Reaction (CAD)
problem fixed!


Dave said...

Wow Thanks! Great blog!

POPPHIL said...

I think the file is completely messed up. The first track is not by the Diodes and the last one is missing. Besides, most of the songs overlap ech other. A real shame.
Could you please repost it sooner or later?
Anyway, thanks for the amazing labor of love!

isksp said...

sorry about that, problem already fixed... thanks for the warning!


POPPHIL said...

Thanks a lot for taking my comment into account and getting the problem fixed.
I am really pleased to listen to the DIODES' fourth LP at long last.
Thanks again and keep up the amzing work you're doing with this music blog.
Your sharing so many great records is extremely valued and appreciated!

Ralph Alfonso said...

a remastered version of this is now on itunes


Ralph Alfonso
The Diodes

Ralph Alfonso said...

Hi Folks.

A completely remastered version of this CD is now officially available on CD via my label, Bongo Beat Records. You may want to replace this link with this one:

Ralph Alfonso