Friday, March 27, 2009

Roller Ball - 1977 - Savage Eyes [7''] [192k] (BE)

Roller Ball - 1977 - Savage Eyes [7''] [192k] (BE)
No, nothing to do with the "Teach Me To Rock'n'Roll" lot, it's way more important than that. This Rollerball was a pre-Elton Motello thing involving Alan Ward and Mike Butcher (Jet Staxx). If Mike himself hadn't tipped me off about this then I'd still be in the dark about it. Here's what Mike revealed...'Rollerball was just a one off, with me on guitar, Alan on vocals and 2 studio assistants, Alex on bass and his brother Pascal on drums. Pascal also played the drums on the Jet Staxx singles. We never played a gig and I don't think we even got many radio plays.'"Savage Eyes" and B-side "Lay You Down", both Ward/Butcher compositions, were recorded late 1976 in their adopted home of Brussels, Belgium (the mecca of pseudo punk), with a production credited to Rollerball as a band. It seems that it was only released in Holland on CNR Records in the first half of 1977 with the Dutch copies also being distributed in Belgium.The B-side is a decent rock number with a few New York Dolls moves, but the real action is on the glorious glam/punk of "Savage Eyes". Considering who was behind this record and how great it is, it's a total mystery why it's remained unknown for over 30 years.
source Worthless Trash (link)


Anonymous said...

Hi Felipe,
Really great Album! i like the guitar riffs...thanx again friend!
You really know how to pick records..How do you do it? :)
By the way, do you know, or have anything by the punk band 'The Naughty Women?'They were from Fullerton California, late 70's, like 1977-8? they had a few compilation appearances,for example: The Sudden Death Compilation on Smoke Seven Records label, and the "High Road to Obscurity cd on the Grand Theft Audio label.
I thought you of all people might have their recording(s)?

topper said...

interesting Felipe.tnx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I can't decide which side I like best!

isksp said...

don't have both, RG heheh but i'm already downloading theses two... just give me some time and i'll post them over here