Monday, March 23, 2009

Los Reactors - 2004 - Dead In The Suburbs (US)

Los Reactors - 2004 - Dead In The Suburbs (US)
Rip Off Records has scored its first archival band of our history, putting out the legendary 1980 Oklahoma band LOS REACTORS for the first time ever on CD. Their catchy keyboard sound has been stolen and copied by numerous bands, and many bands like THE BRIEFS frequently cover their songs, like "Dead in The Suburbs". LOS REACTORS put out a vinyl version of this release out on the Italian Rave Up Records, but this CD has additional songs, enhanced video footage of news clips & interviews of Los Reactors and hilarious footage of the "punk scene" of Oklahoma in the early 80's. The video also has the band performing "Dead in the Suburbs", and a previously unreleased song, "It's a Wonderful Life". The CD has both the classic singles and hits, "Dead in the Suburbs", "Culture Shock", "Laboratory Baby", along with a live set from the band. If you want to hear what the original new wave of bands sounded like, instead of the current crop of imitatation "keyboard" bands buy this enhanced CD of a truly legendary band.
source Rip Off (link)


topper said...

thanx of the best rave up

topper said...

Felipe.........Looking for "The Go- instant reaction" lp

Can you find this one somewhere

Another request is of a Finnish punk band called "The Widows - Fun?". It's a classic from the 78/79 movement

Awesome, if you can find them i would be very grateful

isksp said...

sure thing... got the instant reaction from go, but i've got only the "complete windows (1979-1981)" from thw windows, i think that would do, right?

topper said...

Sure Felipe.....complete windows would do......will see it later

do you know a band called "The Salvation Army "....they got a cd also. Can't find it in blogger's land

You ?

isksp said...

doesn't know this one... do you have more info about it (i just found info about the salvation army organization heheh)? country, name of the ep/lp, anyname of their songs...

isksp said...

nevermind, already found...

mind gardens 7'' (1981)
salvation army LP (1982)

just give me a couple of days and i'll post over here

Anonymous said...

I've forgotten which member of this band it was, but one of them now plays in a extreme fascist (nazi-white power) heavy metal type band in the American Midwest. What a shame. I still have one of the original 45's that he sold me when we were younger for two dollars.

Human Pudding said...

Roger Scott, Los Reactors' guitarist played in the white power death/thrash metal band Cenotaph. And I also noticed the lead singer Joe has a white power symbol on his cheast during the live "Dead In The Suburbs" show. I never heard Cenotaph (not into death metal), but Los Reactors was a great synth punk band, and it's too bad they weren't around longer.